The Physical Location of Lodestone Strength is Closed.

We recommend you switch to Online Personal Training Immediately. We will provide individualized coaching and accountability for you at home. A coach

Move to Online Personal Training


We will provide individualized coaching and accountability for you at home. A coach will be in constant communication with you, provide individualized workouts tailored specifically for you, and take into account any equipment you may have at your disposal.

The cost for this service is greater than a regular membership, but we will extend this offer to all current members during this challenging time for no extra charge.

We want you to stay as healthy as possible, as fit as possible, and be ready to battle the virus as well as anyone on earth. So we're going to keep delivering to you.

1. Fill out this Intake Form.

2. We'll get you setup on the True Coach app for Lodestone Online.
3. Make a space in the house and schedule a time to workout.

At-Home Equipment

Order this stuff ASAP, you are going to need to exercise at home for a while.

Rep Fitness is a local equipment supplier, and they are AWESOME!

Short Bands

Long Bands



Your Health and Happiness


There will huge changes to your normal daily and weekly routines. Right now, grab your planner or journal and write this down.


1. Sleep: 7-9 hours every night. Turn off electronics one hour before regular bed time.

2. Nutrition: Eat lean meats and vegetables for every meal, add appropriate amounts of carbs and fats. 

3. Exercise: Boost your immune system and relieve stress with daily exercise.

4. Friendships: Call your friends and family, talk about anything except COVID-19

5. Mindset: What keeps you sane and happy? Outdoors, music, arts and crafts, reading a book, home improvement project, etc. Do those things more!



We will do all we can to keep you happy, healthy and safe during this time, as well as keeping our staff in a job. If you have been significantly affected by this recent situation, please reach out and we will do all we can to help. We will thrive together!